My art

The last eighteen years I have worked in textile materials using traditional methods that I often transformed into my own version. I usually make a background to my embroidery by felting a piece of material. I use both wool and silk and felt them together composing a background. Wool and silk have different apperences and I like to think that they speak their own languages. To me wool is close to earth, stubborn and stabile in form. Silk is full of light and air and close to heaven. I bring them together and shape my pictures by using different stitches by hand. Embroidery is a slow process and I think that time gives a shimmer to my art.

I tear apart and put together, material, threads etc. This is a physical process but also a mental and emotionell. I am inspired by taking what’s broken and make it into a beautiful picture or sculpture. I work with different textile structures, I let time and fabrics pass through my hands and my mind.

My art is not figuarative even if realistic details can appear. I use symbols and metafores both in color, shape and materials. I see life and art mostly from a feministic point of view.

I grow up with a mother fighting for equality in domestic life aswell as in labour work. My father on the other hand was full of contempt towards women.

It is important for me to stick to the female tradition and express myself in textile materials. I consider it being my contribution to honoring female art.

In my art I want to create meetingpoints between different textile qualities, between my thoughts and the material, between body and soul.

The fragility and strength of life fascinates me and that is a constant source of inspiration.



Sidenapplikation och broderi

Sidenapplikation och broderi






Broderade hus.

Broderade hus.