About me

I was born in 1956 and I live in Örbyhus, on the east coast of central Sweden. I also lived in Canada for a year when I was a teenager.

My profession is occupational therapist and I have a special certification in art therapy.

I was a part-time artist for many years before I started my own company Rödhaken. Since five years I now work full-time creating my art works, and also offer classes and workshops in handicrafts. Currently I exhibit several times a year in group or solo shows. In 2014 I featured in a book of 22 artists, all from the region of Sweden where I live.

As an artist I’m mainly self-taught, although I have taken classes in various techniques over the years. I started painting with oils as a teenager.

Over the past eighteen years I have worked in textile materials using traditional methods that I then transform for my own purposes. My embroidery often begins with a felted background made from both wool and silk; wool and silk have different textures and expressions and I like to bring them together. I then use different stitches, by hand, to shape the pictures or sculptures. I tear threads and materials apart and put them together again; taking “what is broken” and making it into a whole composition is extremely rewarding. I’m interested in the process of destruction-construction.

I’m a feminist, and this informs my view of the creative process. It’s important for me to cherish and support the female tradition by expressing myself in textile materials as well as allowing myself to go beyond a narrow range of acceptable techniques and methods.

I use color, shape and material as symbols and metaphors. I’m interested in creating the space for meetings between different textile qualities, between my own thoughts and the material(s), and between body and soul. The fragility of life is a constant source of inspiration.